Thursday, 20 May 2010

Fun Facts about Me

I guess it is one of those weeks, where several posts unrelated to reading will come on to my blog. After all, we all are diverse people and we do other staff in relation to reading like crazy. Also, I don't have a lot of information about myself on the blog, so I guess this will be a fun and entertaining way for you to learn more about me. Thanks to Michelle for tagging me and if you are into receiving some great advice about make up, fashion, or any other beauty product, check her blog @ You will notice the difference in the eyes of everyone IMMEDIATELY.

Reveal the 8th photo in the 8th folder in my computer

This is me on my prom 2 years ago. I loved my dress. I spent a huge amount of money and time to find it but it was definitely worth it. The people next to me are my grandparents, which have raised me. I love them and I miss them a lot. 

What size shoes are you? 

Favorite piece of clothing you own?

Well, unfortunately I don't really own that dress but I really would love to. It's from All Saints (one of my favorite shops in the UK, where every time I go, I just can't resist to buy something). However, it was quite expensive (130 pounds) and I decided to be mature and I didn't buy it. At least I took a picture to remind me how marvelous it was. 

Your favorite blog
I am quite new to blogging but already I have some favorites: Alexa's Not Enough Bookshelves ( I really liked  the title of that blog cause I literally have the same issue at home), Book Love Affair and of course my friend Michelle's Two Lipsticks and a Cocktail. I am such a mess with make up and beauty products and her advice are really helpful. 

Do you have any pets?
I always wanted to have a dog but my father was convinced that at the end he would have to take care of it. And he is probably right. I had 5 turtles when I was little but then a funny accident (some will call it tragic) happened. My favorite turtle ate the head of the other turtle (because I was feeding the killer with meat daily, so that she becomes big and strong). I was so shocked by the event that I gave all of them away. Now I am laughing as I remember it. 

How many siblings do you have?

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
Paris, definitely. The Eiffel Tower, Champs Elysees, the atmosphere, the culture, the language. Everything

What were you doing before that?
I was in the park reading Rhett Butler's People by Donald Mccaig and listening to music

Your favorite food?
Sushi. I want to learn how to make home-made sushi pretty soon. It is supposed to be amazing as you can experiment and put all those weird staff in. 

Do you have a middle name?
In Bulgaria your middle name is a variation of your father's first name. Mine is Grigorieva since my father is called Grigory. 

Your favorite websites?
I don't have ones. 

Who do you tag?
Alexa from Not Enough Bookshelves and 

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed this light refreshment in between the lines

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