Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Carried Away...

No, I am not carried away to some fabulous exotic place. No, I am not lying on the beach, sun-burning, and drinking a pink coctail with a funny straw. Instead, I am stuck in the library, which already has a chair with my name on it (joking, but they should definitely think about it) and I am bored with financial concepts.

As a sweet escape from reality and provoked by my anticipation of Sex and the City 2 this Friday (I know, I am such a girl) I decided to check out Candace Bushnell's novels. I was quite surprised to understand that in 2008 (OK,I am kind of slow) the author announced that she planned to write two books about Carrie's teenage years. Well, the first one is a fact and you can already buy it in every bookstore. The Carrie Diaries is taking us back to Carrie's last year in high school, when she leaves for New York with two things: Samantha Jones's phone number and her dreams. As the author pointed out in interview: "Carrie in high school did not follow the crowd-she led it. It was there that she began observing and commenting on the social scene".

Before you decide to close my blog and probably never visit again, I will try to explain myself. Yes, mostly I enjoy serious books, clasics, novels that shake you, change your perceptions, make you think, analyze, and elaborate. From time to time, though, I need something light, refreshing, enjoyable and positive. I quite enjoyed the show while it was running, although I was very disappointed by the first movie (hopefully the second one will be better). Nevertheless, I intend to spend some fabulous time with Carrie's teenage stories, which I am sure, will be as provocative, cynical, and dramatic as her New York adult life. Although, I would kind of miss Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte.

I already picture myself. The beach, the sun, The Carrie Diaries and a big Strawberry Daiquiri. I am ready to be carried away...

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