Sunday, 29 May 2011

Lora from Morning till Evening

I met Lora and I fell in love with her instantly. No, not the Lora I see everyday in the mirror (although most of the time I love her as well). I talk about Dimiter Kocev's Lora and her crazy, exciting, maniacal, amazing day.

Lora is a modern emancipated woman. No, she is not like the heroines from the so-popular chick-lit novels. Lora is not an obsessed workaholic, who is secretly waiting for the white knight to rescue her from her gray daily life. Lora is the young, controversial, feisty girl, whom you could see walking on the street. She can be strong and fragile, crazy and balanced, romantic and realistic. Lora lives alone with her dog Rocky but she doesn't feel lonely. She likes partying all night but sometimes she wakes up in the morning with a hangover, blurry memories, and shame from her actions. Lora gets up to go to work to deal with her nervous boss, annoyingly curious colleagues, and constant charmers, but she is ambitious and she loves her job. And most importantly, Lora loves our city. Yes, despite all of its dangers, oddities, and disorders. The city gives Lora passion and strength; the city is the ideal place for her experience, which I won't forget anytime soon.

Lora from Morning till Evening is a urban story about a typical urban girl. It begins with six magical dies, which can make any decision come true. Lora, Tiho, and Gladkiya are embroiled into an unbelievable adventure to protect and preserve them. Slightly mysterious flavor, a little bit of irony, friendship and love, and lots of thoughts about the meaning of life make Lora from Morning till Evening not merely another novel, but an ode about the city, about the human, about life itself. You will fall in love with Lora, with her independency, with her energy, and with her desire to experience everything. You will not rest until you discover the secret of the magical dies. And you won't leave the novel aside until you drink it on one breath, until you feel it on your skin, until you feel the urge to go out and be part of your city right now.

In addition to being astonishingly good written, the novel is also amazingly decorated. Every page features pictures connected to the story, which make you an indistinct part of the adventure. Soon to be a motion picture, the film will surprise us with its limited budget and lack of the usual suspects (which lately have become increasingly annoying). Instead, the movie is made by friends and for friends. The book and the movie are there to leave us breathless, to infatuate us with this urban experience, and to make us again fall in love with life and with ourselves.

That's what I am looking in a contemporary Bulgarian author - the spirit of the urban streets, the passions of the young man, the events that we encounter every day wondering how to deal with them, the friendship and the love in its purest and real forms. Dimiter Kocev Shosho and Alexander Shpatov bring us exactly this urban feeling we have all been missing. Of course with a little bit of mystery and fantasy to spice the product. The result - a new generation of Bulgarian authors, who knows what the audience wants and most importantly, knows how to take them there.

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