Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Small Things That Give me Big Pleasure

When I was having one of those terrible days, when everything seems colored in gray tones, my mother gave me a certain book to help me cheer up. It is one of those "self help books" I already mentioned in a previous post. However, Maeve Haran's Froth on the Cappuccino is entirely dedicated to women (I don't ever expect any self-respecting man to read it) and teaches depressed and lonely females to find enjoyment in the small things. 

Personally, I can describe myself more or less as a realist (sometimes even cynical). I am not romantic or optimistic so these kinds of novels simply annoy me. However, although I didn't actually read it (I only skimmed through it), Froth on the Cappuccino inspired me to produce my own list of things that make me smile. I figured, these are the things that make Haran smile. However, I have other aspects of life that make me happy and my personal list will be far more helpful in difficult times. So here it is:
  1. Putting everything in order - From my binders, to my books and my room, I like everything to be in order. It gives me the greatest pleasure when all the small things are in their right place. I feel secure, organized, and in control of my life. In addition, I simply love looking at my perfectly organized school binder, music or photo folder, library, or bed. 
  2. The first coffee in the morning - Coffee is indeed my favorite drink and I have it not to wake up but because I love the taste, the smell, the appearance. However, the first coffee in the morning is an unexplainable pleasure. I am still half asleep and I feel the warm liquid slowly going down my body and waking up every part of it. 
  3. The sun - People who know me very well are aware that I am extremely cold-blooded. That is why, I enjoy the sun and everything about it a lot. I enjoy feeling hot (not just warm, HOT), I love the sun rays on my body, I can't get enough of this feeling of calm and pleasure when outside is sunny and light. 
  4. My sunglasses - My favorite accessorize. I never go out without them, I even wear them when there is no need. I have these "kidney" type sunglasses, which are the only ones that fit my face. The other day I broke my last pair and I went straight ahead to buy new ones. I love the feeling of privacy sunglasses give you. You can observe the world around you safely. In addition, sunglasses are a necessary complement to every self-respecting woman. 
  5. Reading - Reading makes me not only smile. It helps me forget all the problems around me, escape the present, and dive into a world, where everything I wish is possible. I never ever go out without book (even when I go to the gym I have one). I spent every free minute reading (waiting in line, waiting for a meeting, traveling, even walking). Yes, my new passion is to walk and read. It is an amazing feeling, + the time passes by really quickly and you reach your destination in no time. The downside is that I keep bumping into people and several times I almost got hit by a car/bicycle or another moving object. However, I bravely go on.
  6. Sleeping in clean sheets - You know the feeling when you crawl in your brand clean sheets and prepare to fall asleep. They smell like flowers, rain, grass (depending on your fabric softener, or on your mood) and they bring such a great pleasure. I realized I sleep far better when my sheets just came out of the washing machine. 
  7. Taking care of myself - I love Sundays, when I intend to dedicate the whole day to myself. I get a long bath, I color my nails, I put on every face mask I have at home, I scrub my body;  I do all those women staff I rarely have time to do during the week. This is my end of the week ritual, which prepares me for the week to come and it is truly amazing because I feel being taken care of. 
  8. Seeing the sea for the first time - When I was a little child and I travelled to the seaside with my parents I couldn't wait to see the sea for the first time (after a long and cold climate). Usually, I started screaming and pointing. Even though I am grown up now, this pleasure hasn't change. Every year when I go to the seaside for the first time, I look out the train or bus window, waiting to see the blue waves, the sun, and the sand. I then remember my childhood and all the incredible memories. I also think of all the amazing things that expect me on the seaside this year. Because, let's be honest, the seaside trip is the best time of the year. 
  9. Having a gourmet dinner - Being a Taurus, I enjoy a good food. I not only like a well prepared meal but I enjoy it even more when it is nicely positioned and decorated in the plate. It is just a state of art to make a dish that is not only delicious, but looks delicious. I love eating out, whether it is on a special occasion or just catching up with a friend. You get to be served and taken care of. You enjoy a freshly prepared meal of your choice, you chat to your companion and you drink a glass of good wine. And of course, you don't get to clean up and do the dishes afterwards. Pleasure!. 
  10. Coming home - As I study in the UK, half of the year I am away from home. Although now my parents do not welcome me as passionately as during the first year (well I come and go every three months so it is not really anything that new and exciting) I still get that amazing feeling when I give my ID at the airport and wait for my luggage. My mother always waits for me, she has prepared a delicious dinner, she has cleaned my room and I am free to rest at home without having any obligations. 
After all, even the most shallow book can turn out to be quite useful. I already felt better just by writing this list. I know there are even more things that bring me pleasure on particularly low days and I will keep the list updated. I hope I inspired you to produce a list of your own. Trust me, you will feel much better. As trivial as it sounds, these little things indeed help when the big things seem to go all wrong. 

@ Amazon: Froth on the Cappuccino: How Small Pleasures Can Save Your Life


  1. My favorite thing was throwing bricks at windows but I am not allowed to do that anymore :(

  2. Hahahah...I wonder why this might be :P

  3. One of my favorite things is that my girlfriend takes the same size shoes as me, so sometimes when she’s out I put on her high heels and walk around the house in them. It’s really hard at first:( but you get used to it, and it gives your calf muscles a good workout:)

  4. Hahahaha, your favorite thing is rather odd. Not many people will admit to actually liking this :) Anyways, do you also enjoy putting on her clothes or underwear? :)

  5. I'm not too sure if that comment was meant as a rhetorical question LMAO. Nah, I'm 8 dress sizes greater than her. She might get a bit suspicious if I split the back of one of her favorite dresses by trying to get in on. I'd be in big trouble if that happen :(