Wednesday, 6 October 2010

My SRB - Secret Reading Behavior

If you are a fan of Carrie Bradshow and Sex and the City you might remember that episode, when Carrie is talking about her SSB - secret single behavior. Today, I decided to share with you some of my SRB - secret reading behavior. Maybe some of you also have those habits. I will be more than happy if I find other reading freaks like me. 

So here it goes. My top 5 of secret reading behavior. I have ordered them bottom up so bear with me till the end of the blog post - the most weird SRB indeed comes at the end. 

  1. In a previous post I have mentioned I enjoy good food. Not only deliciously, but prepared and served with desire. Do not get me wrong, though, I hate cooking. I like going to restaurants where I can order exactly what I want in the amount I want it. What makes a dinner perfect, though, is the presence of a book. I just love the sense of sitting alone in a restaurant, telling to the surprised waiter No, it is just me, opening my book and having a delicious meal. Yes, just by myself. I am not ashamed to sit alone somewhere; in fact whenever I am stressed I simply book a room for just me in a fancy restaurant, I bring my book, I order a glass of wine and I simply forget about all of my problems. 
  2. As mentioned in my profile description, I am a highly organized person. I always arrive early or promptly on all of my meetings (and dates unfortunately; although I would like for the guy to wait for me instead). Unfortunately, most people are just religiously late. And as I hate waiting (and I have to wait most of the times) I bring my book with me. Trust me, even half an hour of waiting for your best friend in the Sofia city centre seems like a second with a good reading in hand. 
  3. Travelling. This is pretty obvious and most people indeed read on long bus, train, or airplane rides. However, I go further than that. I read in the city bus, in the tram; once I was in terrible trafic and I even read in the taxi. I received the weirdest look from the taxi driver. Yes, darling, this is a book and I READ. 
  4. Cues. Who doesn't hate them. This summer I had the unfortunate luck to be stuck in several terrible cues, waiting for an ID, a passport, or whatever. And that's when my current book comes in hand. Again, I received the strangest looks from the people on the cue. OK, what am I supposed to do for 4 hours? Waste my time. Of course, you know me, a passionate reader I sometimes read even on the cue in the supermarket. I know, it is just a few minutes, but come on, this book is just SO DAMN GOOD. 
  5. Well, this you wouldn't believe. Actually, I have never met someone who does that. I walk and I read. Seriously. As much as I love walking and thinking about staff, sometimes I get bored. Plus, I find it a waste of time, which can be pleasantly filled with some reading. Well, the result is not always desirable. I bump into people, I almost get hit by moving objects (cars, buses, bikes, you name it), I hit trees, columns, basically anything that stands in my way. I get these weird comments from people passing me by and one time a guy even took a picture of me. Like an extinct animal. What can I say, I just love reading. 
Well, this is my top 5 secret reading behavior. It is mostly secret because it is usually in front of people I do not know. However, now I have shared it with you. I hope I inspired you to open up a book in a different situation, not only before you go to bed or when you have nothing else to do at home. After all, as I love to say This life is not enough for me to read all the books I want to. Thus, I take every opportunity to make sure this doesn't happen. Call me insane, if you wish, but I have a target, a dream, a purpose. Pleasure is not in achieving your dream, it is in the way of getting there. And my way is marked by a lot of reading. In weird place, weird times, weird situations. 


  1. The most extreme form of reading.

  2. Lol...I haven't thought about it. Of course, I sometimes read in traffic but I have never actually read driving. This book might really be interesting. I have to meet this guy and make him my follower. Definitely a passionate reader. By the way, I wonder what the police has to say for this. I don't reckon it is written in the law as a violation..haha

  3. It is a interesting book he's reading, it's called Why men make better drivers than women :P

  4. hahaha, then the joke is definitely on him :)